Paddy’s Bathroom


We were thrilled when Paul Lindley, founder of Ella’s Kitchen, asked Vamonos to produce the launch campaign for Paddy’s Bathroom. For anyone that hasn’t heard of Paddy’s Bathroom, it’s a gentle and natural range of bubble bath and shower gels for children. Paddy’s is a brand that brings personality, fun and playfulness to a category that has too often been safe and corporate.

Naturally, we were very excited to have won the pitch for their first TV campaign.  A Nickelodeon partnership, the campaign included sponsorship bumpers and TV commercials all to be broadcast on Nick Jnr.

For the creative, we took our inspiration from the fun package design, using the on pack characters in a series of animations. The theme throughout was to make bath time the part of the day for play, imagination and winding down for bedtime. Paul Lindley and his son Patrick (AKA Paddy) provided the voice-overs linking the campaign to core inspiration behind the product.



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