Heinz Pasta and Nickelodeon


Heinz Pasta hadn’t advertised on TV for twenty years. It was a dependable staple, but Heinz felt the brand needed a refresh to make it seem modern, fun and playful. One key message they wanted to make was that, although it was perceived as convenience food, the tomatoes in each tin of Heinz Pasta also provided provided one of the recommended five fruits and vegetables a day. Running with the idea and inspired by the Charlie and Lola book, I Will Never Eat A Tomato, a creative was formed around an imaginative child inventing a series of wild stories to explain what really makes Heinz pasta so delicious – because he can’t believe anything as ‘boring’ as a tomato could be so tasty.

The campaign was structured to run across the year with commercials on Sky 1, Pop Girl, Kix and Nickelodeon :

The launch commercial drove viewers to a micro-site where they could create their own Tomato stories…

Then Heinz and Nickelodeon chose the best viewers’ stories, which we turned into five new animated 30″ TV commercials.

The campaign was also supported by a series of sponsorship bumpers on Nick Jnr.

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