Change 4 Life


Ok, first up a little back-story; Change4Life is public health programme that tackles the causes of obesity and promotes a more healthy life. Change4Life partnered with M&C Saatchi and Disney Channel UK to create the 10 minute shake-up marketing campaign which specifically encouraged children to get active. As part of the campaign, Vamonos were commissioned to produce 55 x 4 minute programmes (the main part of the TV side of the campaign). We needed to produce programmes that served an editorial function, but which supported Change4Life’s goals and campaign message.

The series of distinct programme strands Vamonos created successfully reflected the Change4Life themes of activity, exercise and general fitness and entertained Disney Channel audiences. Vamonos handled all aspects of the production including writing, casting, post production and delivery.

Copyright – The Walt Disney Company


As part of the Change4Life and Disney Channel partnership, Vamonos produced Tricks and Twists. Each episode in this series of programmes featured a different talent, from Olympic Gymnast Sam Oldham to Speed-stacking champion James Acraman.

In this episode Sam Oldham shows how to do some impressive gymnastic tricks and twists.


Dance Along was another programme we produced as part of the Change4Life partnership, each dance-themed tutorial was presented by the delightful Sam Dorrance and showed kids at home how to do a dance routine inspired by a Disney movie.


And in this final example from our Change4Life series of programmes, Vamonos created 6 new episodes for Disney’s Skills brand. Each episode featured Francis Vu (CBBC and Disney presenter) and Robin French (pro Basketball player) showing how to do some cool basketball and football tricks.