Advertiser-funded Content

‘We interrupt this broadcast for a quick message from our sponsors…’

Ad-funded content is older than commercial TV. In fact the name Soap-opera derives its name from advertisers, such as Procter and Gamble, who funded the production of the original radio ‘soap’ operas.

Now the wheel has turned again and we are almost back where we started. The decline in advertising revenue has pushed broadcasters to look to brands to fund the shows more directly. For production companies and agencies this often means that we are managing three different ‘clients’ – the broadcaster>the brand>the regulator

An Advertiser-funded Production company must navigate and balance the needs of these three clients. The goal is to make an entertaining engaging show (happy broadcaster) that wins positive association for the brand driving costumer awareness (happy Brand) and that isn’t just a half-hour advertisement (happy regulator).

We don’t see any of these requirements as being necessarily in conflict with each other. In fact, in our experience finding creative solutions, while staying on the right side of the regulations, often helps not hinders the creation of an engaging and entertaining show, which at the end of the day is what everyone wants.

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