The Importance Of Story & Character For Your Brand

I’m Andy, Creative Director at Vamonos. I’ve won two BAFTAs for original TV shows and I picked up a bunch of advertising awards for branding, copy-writing and Art Direction. I still work in both areas – original production and commercials. I produce and develop TV series for broadcasters such as Disney, Channel 4 and the BBC. And I also produce commercial campaigns for clients like Innocent, Heinz and Lego.

There’s a lot more cross-over in original content and commercial production than people imagine. The key ingredients of character, story and tone are important in both areas. In commercial work, the main difference is that we use story and character to communicate either a specific feature of a product or a brand’s general personality and attitude.

Here are the three key elements we look to include in our commercial campaigns:

  1. Characters you care about and root for…Creating an original character is a great way to associate your brand with the character’s qualities be they charm, cuteness, humour or attitude. For our TV commercial for Paddy’s Bathroom, we created an animated Turtle character, inspired by the product’s package design, that was cute and full of natural charm, just like Paddy’s Bathroom!                                             paddy
  2. A story confidently told in a style that reflects your brand’s personality and values. For Bear, the kid’s health snack brand, we created a TV commercial that brought their packaging to life…setting their Bear character off on a wild around-the-world adventure that captured the imaginativeness, originality, humour and irreverence of the Bear brand.                                                                                         Bear_nibbles_30_FINAL_1
  3. The story continues…at the end of a commercial or campaign, we want viewers to continue thinking about the characters…to feel that, although this story has ended, there are more adventures over the horizon. For Innocent For Kids, we created a three part story featuring Innocent’s on-pack characters. Each 30 second commercial told a different chapter in the story, of the Innocent gang’s search for hidden treasure. At the end of the campaign the treasure was discovered and the bad guys defeated, but the Innocent gang were ready for more adventures.Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.10.14

From an early age we love to be told a gripping story with colourful characters. Brands need to harness this storytelling magic to engage, entertain and move their potential customers. With so many demands on their attention, a brand needs to give their audience memorable and engaging reasons to care.

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